During the short crossing you can enjoy a spot of sunbathing on the deck, being gently lulled by the blue waves of the Saronic Gulf, and you never know you may be lucky enough to see our friends the dolphins…
Approaching the island, you will be immediately seduced by the first views of this small but entirely charming port.
With its houses with red tile roofs and white and ochre facades built amphitheatrically round the slopes of the hill. You will also notice the Bell Tower, carved from marble, of the beautiful Cathedral, Hydra ‘the beauty’ dazzles you.

Wander around the maze of alleys with their walls whitewashed with lime, accompanied by the scent of jasmine. Admiring along the way the many old mansions built by rich ship-owners of Hydra, with their colorful and flowery doorways covered with bougainvillea and wisteria.
Also stroll on the port among the boutiques and cafes with the opportunity to take a ride on back of a donkey, the only means of transport allowed on the island.
Is suggest a pleasant stroll along the wild cliffs. Passing in front of the esplanade of “cannons” guarding the entrance of Hydra and the bronze statue of “the child and the Dolphin”, you will reach the charming small port of Kalo Pigadi.



Hydra is easilly accessible from Ermioni thanks to the Hellenic Seaways and Christos boats.


«Christos / Elena Star»

The ferry boat, with a ticket of 7,5€, realises on a daily basis the Hydra-Ermioni-Hydra route.

Hydra –> Ermioni

Monday to Sunday : 08.30 – 11.00 – 15.00

Ermioni –> Hydra

Monday to Sunday : 10.00 – 12.00 – 16.00


Hellenic Seaways

The Flying Cat and Flying Dolphin boats of Hellenic seaways’ also do the Ermioni-Hydra route with a ticket of 8€.

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For more information, please call: 0030 27540 31880